Tamara Feldman to Guest Star on Gossip Girl

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Looks like Serena van der Woodsen is getting a new pal.

Tamara Feldman, last seen on Dirty Sexy Money, has joined the Gossip Girl cast as Poppy, a fellow socialite-in-the-making.

"She's a friend," Tamara told OK. "They start hanging out together."

Luckily, Poppy's not a "friend" like Georgina Sparks.

"I actually try to get Serena to her to stand up for herself a little bit more," Feldman said, adding that she won't appear until the 5th episode of Season Two, but already feels the frenzy that the show causes.

"Last week, we shot in Chinatown. If you opened the door, there were all these little girls out there screaming," she said.

Tamara Feldman

Fortunately, Tamara Feldman has already dealt with being in the spotlight - and the celebrity gossip that comes with it. She was in the film Perfect Stranger with Bruce Willis - and mistakenly identified as the star's new love interest.

"They took a picture of me in a nurse's outfit with [Willis] from the movie set, and a photographer made it look like it was real," she laughed. "He was picking me up in this window. It was funny. Later, they revealed it was for the movie."

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