90210 Questions and Answers: Where is Gabrielle Carteris? Who Will Hook Up with Mr. Matthews?

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90210 fans have questions, and TV Guide has answers!

The publication recently responded to a couple of inquiries from fans of the new series. Here are highlights:

Why Gabrielle Carteris was not approached to appear on 90210?
We're hearing that having Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty in the early episodes is an "experiment" to gauge the audience's appetite for nostalgia. If it (not to mention the show) is successful, you'll see other vets return, possibly even the ones who've said they wouldn't. Plotwise, it would certainly make sense for Carteris and Jason Priestley to pop up; her TV kid (Hannah) reports for "The Blaze," and Brandon may have sired Kelly's rugrat.

Which 90210 student is going to hook up with the hot English teacher? I hope it's not Naomi.
We don't want to believe these caustic rumors either! Ryan Eggold's Mr. Matthews seems so wholesome and sensible to me. But… I do know this: A new, preternaturally mature student at West Bev will challenge defending champion Katie Couric in the Awkward Flirting Olympics when she sets her sexy-eyes on Mr. Matthews. The catch: She's got a secret, and it's a doozy!

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