90210 Questions and Answers

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We've covered almost everything about 90210 so far. On the eve of the series premiere, there's little any fan could wanna know about the show that can't be found among our news, photos and spoilers sections.

But TV Guide has published a new feature that poses numerous questions and answers regarding the new 90210. Again, we've covered most of the topics already on our site - but here are a couple excerpts from the article that sheds new light on the most anticipated show of the season.

Doesn't Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl, The O.C.) have this beat covered?
Nobody will deny Schwartz's talent for tapping into the teen zeitgeist, but 90210 has its own secret weapons in the form of co-executive producers Jeff Judah and Gabe Sachs. This talented pair also co-produced Judd Apatow's critically loved Freaks and Geeks, which was an unorthodox, unflinchingly honest look on the abject cruelty of one's high school years. Plus, it was smart, well-scripted, and very funny. Who better to ensure that the new show's cheese levels remain under control? Because, let's face it, at times the original's earnestness reeked of Velveeta.

Who will our favorite character be?

After watching Jessica Walter tear up the scenery on Arrested Development, we just know that any scene with the melodramatic (and hopefully drunk!) Tabitha Wilson (pictured below) is going to be a little slice of trash-TV heaven. In the fantasy 90210 of our dreams, Tabitha is some delicious hybrid of Piper Laurie as Sissy Spacek's Bible-thumpin' nutjob mama in Carrie and Joan Collins' from Dynasty. Dirty pillows... and shoulder pads!

Drink in Hand

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