90210 Round Table: "The Bubble"

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Welcome to the 90210 Insiders Round Table!

While fans meet up in our 90210 forum to discuss their favorite characters and developments, our staff members have arrived to analyze the burning questions and memorable moments from the latest 90210 episode.

Our topics from the show's premiere include Sammy's father, Naomi/Ethan, Tabitha's future and more ...

Describe your reaction when you heard Dylan was the father.

BrendaLova: Disappointment. I was hoping Nat and Kelly had shared a night of unbridled passion over a Mega Burger.

The Real McKay: Jaw dropped. Goosebumps. Though I definitely knew it was Dylan.

Wild4Wilds: Who else could it have been? Steve is happily married to Janet and Brandon would never leave his child. I'm more curious to see if Dylan shows up than I was to finally learn he was actually the father.

Will Naomi and Ethan successfully recapture the glory days of their relationship?
The Real McKay: If anything, I think Naomi and Ethan will be stronger than before! I think Naomi has learned a lot in the last few episodes and starting over will be good for them.

Wild4Wilds: Yes. We saw Naomi's soft side with Ethan's brother and you know what they say, right? You can't fight fate.

BrendaLova: No way. No high school relationship ever lasts; Kelly and Steve are proof of that.

Brighter future as a couple: Ty and Annie, or Silver and Dixon?
Wild4Wilds: Silver and Dixon. I don't trust a man that turns down home made snicker doodles.

BrendaLova: Silver and Dixon! I take back everything I said in my previous answer. These two are totally made for each other!

The Real McKay: Definitely Silver and Dixon. I don't care how much Ty seems to be a good guy and how much it's actually been Annie who's been bad to him, I still don't trust Ty! But Silver and Dixon seem to have really cute chemistry!

Should Tabitha attempt a big screen comeback?
BrendaLova: Yes. I heard there's an Arrested Development movie coming out. She'd be perfect!

The Real McKay: Umm... absolutely? Did you not see her on the stage? It's where Tabitha belongs.

Wild4Wilds: She seems to have had a successul career already. Did you see how many movies of her Brenda has seen? Why risk such a reputation?

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