Big Brother Recap: Memphis Garrett in Command

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Last night's Big Brother Power of Veto competition was perhaps the most important of the season, as there are only five house guests left in the game, and none of those five guests are feeling safe at the moment.

Case in point: Memphis Garrett, who has "final two" deals with everyone in the house except Renny. He believes this will work and won't come back to haunt him or become his undoing, but he's walking on eggshells.

Of course, that's how Big Brother typically goes.

Memphis Garrett

And, after all, if someone, anyone, takes him to the finale, second place is a guaranteed $50,000 - far from shabby. The power rankings seem to favor a Dan-Memphis finale, but really we have no clue what we're saying.

Fighting for the PoV, Renny took an eternity to figure out the Big Brother houseguests morphed into babies. When the times were revealed, Memphis and Dan both finished in under three minutes... 

Memphis ended up being 8 seconds faster and won the POV.

He did decide to use it, breaking his deal with Jerry, and at the same time keeping his pact with Dan Gheesling, pulling him off the block. With no other choice, Renny is now up on the block against Keesha.

Who who's heading out? We have to think Renny will go but if the alliance is as cagey as we think, they might just unload Keesha now while the timing is right, and set their sights on Renny in the Final Four.

Time will tell.

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