Gossip Girl Fashion Breakdown: The Ex-Files

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This week's episode of Gossip Girl, "The Ex-Files," was tremendous in just about every way - not the least of which was its fashion! What kind of school would allow uniforms like these? An awesome school, that's what. But anyway ...

Our Gossip Girl fashion contributor, the fabulous Liza L., breaks down the episode's couture in her weekly column below ...


In this episode, Blair uses a beautiful selection of accessories to add to her school uniform, one of which is a beautiful Jennifer Behr headband ($525, here), worn with a Chanel cape (presumably). In this picture, she adds the flavour with a gorgeous Chanel scarf.

Serena, on the other hand, dresses it all down – simply sexy: French Toast Plaid Pleated Skirt  ($15, here) and French Toast Plaid Full Make Tie ($4, here).

But even if Blair is Queen B, and Serena is the most popular girl in NYC, the other girls are high-fliers as well. Look at Penelope's LAMB multi stirling bag ($495, here).

The Clique

In case you thought school unis were all we're gonna get now that summer's over, just wait until next week ... when the gang goes to Fashion Week!

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