Jeff Probst Previews Survivor: Gabon

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Jeff Probst - sorry, Emmy Winner Jeff Probst - says that Gabon was an African country far from ready for a reality show.

"It was clear to us, from the moment we set foot there, that this was an untapped, undiscovered part of the world,'' he said in a recent interview. "They've had virtually no tourism, and so nobody's been there."

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Moreover, midway through filming, Probst thought he had wandered into a scene from Jurassic Park.

"There's a moment where they encounter an elephant in the camp, and they're all trying to deal with it. And I thought, 'This looks like a Spielberg movie.' And then I realized: 'This is not a zoo; you're in their back yard. You've set up shop to do this dumb game. What are you doing?!'''

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