Jessica Stroup Speaks on 90210 Character, Experience

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Jessica Stroup, the beautiful actress that plays Erin Silver - sorry, just "Silver" - recently sat down with TV Guide.

Here are excerpts from that interview, the first of which includes a 90210 spoiler regarding tonight's new episode: When Silver's mom falls off the wagon, she moves in with her sister Kelly. But where's Mel [her dad]? Where's big brother David? Any chance they'll come visit Silver?
Stroup: There's a mention of Mel in one of the scripts. I met Brian Austin Green for the first time in a Coffee Bean. I saw him, and I thought, I have to talk to him. He thought I was a fan. Of course, I did gush a little bit. I'd love to work with him.

Jessica Stroup Photograph Have Jennie and Shannen given you any advice?
Stroup: Both have been incredible to me — and to the rest of the cast. Coming from where I'm from, I love my privacy and security and my friends, but being in the entertainment industry, I have to understand that I've never hit a mark where the press wants to know who I am. I welcome it, and I'm excited about it, and hopefully it means that I'm doing good work. I talked to Jennie about it.

On one of our longest days, I was kind of in a daze in the makeup and hair trailer and she came over and said "You know, kid, you're doing great and I'm proud of you, and I'm excited to work on the show with you." So she's kind of like a big sister to in me in real life. Shannen is hilarious. At our launch party, she came in, and people were wondering, "Where's the drama?" There is no drama; they're over it. I love hanging out with Shannen; she just cracks me up. So is Silver the student with whom Ryan Eggold's character, Mr. Matthews, is rumored to be having an affair?
Stroup: I haven't heard that rumor. Silver is probably the one character who wouldn't be flirting with him. But he's a real interesting character, and has some cool storylines coming up.

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