Sarah Connor Chronicles Recap: The Mousetrap

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Season 2, Episode 3 of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, entitled Mouse Trap, starts off with Charley Dixon (Dean Winters) and his wife, Michelle, filling up gas in their truck as they make their way out of town.  Michelle sends Charley to get her a soda, and when he returns, Michelle has been kidnapped by Cromartie, and takes off in his truck.

Sarah, Derek, and Charley

Meanwhile, John Connor (Thomas Dekker), is helping their extremely-pregnant landlord, Kacy, set up her new tv and pirate television.  After all, no kid should be forced to watch only network television.  Wait... isn't this show on network television?  And what do they put on the television?  A news report showing a clip of Beast Wizard 7 featuring George Laszlo, Cromartie's deceased alter-ego.

John returns to the house to find Cameron (Summer Glau) calculating the center of the house.  Apparently one corner of the house is moving incredibly slowly each year.  Any danger to John?  Nope, but they'll have to repaint in a year.  Thanks, can you come check my house next?

When Sarah comes home, John gets a call from Charley.  Charley tells Sarah his wife's been kidnapped and she needs his help.  She heads off and enlists Derek Reese (Brian Austin Green) to help her on her rescue mission.  Derek insist this is all a trap by the Terminators to capture John.  They go anyway.

We cut over to Michelle who's trapped in an abandoned shack and tied in a chair.  Cromartie is creepily setting up some sort of trap involving a mousetrap.  He then teaches Michelle the history of mousetraps.  The audience thanks him.  Michelle meanwhile inches closer to her cell phone.

Meanwhile, John is picking up new computers with Cameron when John gets a phone call from Riley that she wants to hang out at the ant Monica Promenade.  John is on his way, he's just gotta ditch Cameron first.

Sarah and John now meet up with Charley who gets a phone call from Michelle in front of them.  They make sure it's really Michelle and head out towards her.

Back in the shack, Cromartie must have heard Michelle on the phone because he gags her and places the chair on top of the moustraps.  The trap is set.

Now we cut back to John who's hanging out with Riley.  The two spot Cameron and try to ditch her.

Sarah, Derek, and Charley find the building where Michelle is being held captive and break in guns ablazing.  However, they find Michelle tied up but no sign of Cromartie.  Sarah sends Charley to the truck to get some equipment for defusing the bomb only to find their truck is destoryed.  Looks like they'll be walking back. 

They realize the bomb isn't even real and it's all been a set up.  She calls John to make sure he's okay.  However, Derek finds a machine and realizes Cromartie is monitoring their call and now has their secret code!

Derek also spots a wire leading from a cell phone to a bomb connected to the cell tower outside.  He runs to grab the rest to escape in time.  However, Cromartie remotely detonates the bomb via the cell phone before they get out.  Michelle looks seriously hurt.

Meanwhile, Cromartie calls John pretending to be Sarah using his newfound code.  He sends John to the pier and tells him he needs to turn his cell phone off.

During all this there's also been a plot involving agent Ellison (Richard T. Jones) who meets with Catherine Weaver (Shirley Manson) to discuss the FBI massacre.  She shares her knowledge of the robots and wants to hire Ellison to find out more about the robots.

Back to our four desert bound folks.  They were walking until Sarah carjacks a cell phone van (probably sent to fix that blown up tower).  While the van is heading back Michelle is bleeding real bad and Charley is struggling to keep her alive.  Charley is begging Sarah to stop and eventually she does.

Meanwhile John is being chased by Cromartie at the pier.  He tricks him a bit but ends up cornered against the rail and jumps into the ocean.  Turns out terminators can't swim.  Cameron meets up with John.  The two then hop in Sarah and Derek's van in some alley.  John discoveres the blood from Michelle and knows something is wrong.

We then cut to Cromartie walking out of the ocean.  He may not be able to swim but apparently can walk on the ocean floor.

Outside the hospital, John is comforting Charley.  Apparently Michelle didn't make it since we cut over to her funeral next.  Then over to the family dinner table.  Sad.

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