Shannen Doherty: Bring Back David Silver!

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Might another sibling join the character of Erin Silver - sorry, just "Silver" - on 90210?

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Shanne Doherty was asked what former cast member she'd like to see on the new series. Her answer?

"Brian Austin Green!" the actress said. "I adore Brian, and we’ve always had a really strong relationship."

Doherty added that she can't stop watching the actor - who played David Silver on the original show, of course - on his current Fox program Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

"I want him back really badly, but at the same time I love watching that show, and I love watching him in it," she said.

Sounds like a tough dilemma. What do you think, readers? Do you wanna see David on 90210?

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