Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Izzie and Alex Update

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Below are a couple of Grey's Anatomy spoilers and rumors from E! Online columnist Kristin Dos Santos and her weekly spoiler Q & A session this morning ...

Q: There's a rumor going around about Izzie Stevens being killed off at the end of Season 5. Will there be no happily ever after for Alex and Izzie, a.k.a. the hottest couple on the show?

A: Reliable sources tell me those rumors are bunk and she will not be going anywhere. For the record, Katherine Heigl actually seems quite happy with her storylines this season. When asked about the future of Alex and Izzie, Katherine told me, "There's nothing I can reveal, but it's been awesome. It's been really exciting for me and really, really fun, satisfying work. I love Justin Chambers! How can you not love Justin? Sorry. He is just such a doll. I mean it's weird — I've been working with all of these people for five years. They're like my family. I mean, I see them actually more than my own family! We have so much fun together." And I hear there is definitely more "fun" (of the horizontal nature) for Izzie and Alex up ahead!

Karev Waits
Izzie in Pink

Q: Is it true that Meredith Grey will have a sexual history with Melissa George's new intern character, Sadie, on Grey's Anatomy?

A: From the sounds of Michael Ausiello's recent Q&A with Melissa George and from what a reliable source says — "I'm pretty sure they did" — I'd place money on it! By the by, this is pretty much the same storyline I had heard they planned originally for Cristina (Sandra Oh) a few seasons back, but the storyline was changed.

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