Heroes Round Table: I Am Become Death

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Welcome to our 14th Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the Who do you think is the mother of Sylar's son?
A. Hiro: Tracy. How? Who knows. But the writers seem to have no problem just making up a future they know they'll never need to explain in detail, so why not say Sylar got with Tracy during a break from her relationship with Nathan?

: He's named Noah. So, as crazy as this sounds, maybe Sylar and Mrs. Bennet hooked up and named the child after her ex-husband.

Timex: Well, since they've provided zero insight into this and the only woman he's every been romantically linked with is Maya, I'm guessing it's a completely new character we've never been introduced to. Maybe we'll meet her next episode, two years into the future

With his new power, will Peter fall into the same dangerous/evil trap as Sylar has?
Timex: Apparently, he already has, cutting open his own brother's skull.  Let's hope Peter can have a baby with someone unknown female character in the future so he, too, can fight the power.

A. Hiro: Yes. It didn't take long for Peter to re-assemble that watch, did it? It's almost as though he had the ability inside of him all along.

Milover: Sadly, it seems like this has already happened. I hope Peter soon sees the error of his ways.

Where was HRG last night?
Milover: Probably getting himself organized. Remember last week, when HRG said he planned on killing Sylar? A guy has to construct a detailed plan in order to execute such a notion.

Timex: Severely lacking. Maybe this was why the episode was so weak. Hopefully, he was off getting the writers in line.

A. Hiro: He must have read an early copy of the script and realized that his awesome character was way too awesome to be involved in such nonsensical time jumping.

Choose your favorite Claire: the cheerleader or the bad ass?
A. Hiro: The cheerleader. Save the Bad Ass, Save the World? Doesn't have the same ring to it.

Milover: When in doubt, always bet on black. Future Peter learned that the hard way.

Timex: Definitely the cheerleader. Sorr,y Claire, I find you much cuter with blonde hair and a short skirt than with slicked back dark hair and way too much makeup on.

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