Melissa George Discusses Grey's Anatomy Character, Sadie

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Circle November 13 on your calendar as the day Alias' Melissa George debuts as Grey's Anatomy's newest intern, Sadie. The big question on many fans' minds, of course, remains whether Sadie's reported bisexuality and Meredith Grey have intersected.

TV sleuth Michael Ausiello attempts to get to the bottom of that in an interview with Melissa George, published today on Entertainment Weekly ...

Q: Tell me about Sadie.

Melissa George: I'm dying to find out more about her because her behavior is so interesting. She's a girl that walks on the wild side. She's very close with Meredith; they were best friends. They traveled around the world together. And when Meredith went to work at Seattle Grace, Sadie went to work at a morgue. I'm dying to know why she behaves so recklessly. Anyone who behaves like that has to have a lot of issues.

Q: For the record, is she bisexual or a lesbian?

Melissa George: She just takes anything - whatever walks in front of her. [Laughs] If it's a male, she'll go for it. If it's a female, she'll go for it. She doesn't think attraction should be [limited] by gender. I sort of look at people and go, "Wow, how do you live like that?" But she seems to get a thrill out of shocking people.

Sadie and Meredith

Q: Obvious question: Did Meredith Grey and Sadie "experiment" back in the day?

Melissa George: We don't know. But that's what's so intriguing: What happened between these two? It's brought up a lot [on the show], but we've never revealed what happened.

Q: But something happened.

Melissa George: I think so. There's a lot of [Mer-Sadie] dialogue like "Don't tell them what happened!" So, something did happen, but I'm not sure what.They obviously traveled together and were very close. Did they date? Did they not? Did something major happen to them that they swore they'd never discuss? It could be anything.

Q: How long are you committed to the show for?

Melissa George: I'm here for a while. I'm sort of playing it by ear. I'd love to stay as long as possible. I'm shooting my fourth one this week, and I don't think it's stopping.

Q: Conventional Grey's Anatomy wisdom has you gravitating toward one of Seattle Grace's other two bisexual docs, Callie or Erica. Do you know which one it'll be?

Melissa George: They haven't told me, and I've been asking them every day, "Which one am I going to be making out with?" Or not! It could be one of the guys. I just said yes to Grey's Anatomy, the greatest show on TV. I didn't say, "What do I have to do?" So I'm sort of looking around going, "Which one is going to be my girl or my guy?"

Q: Last season at this time, there were no bisexual characters on Grey's Anatomy. Now there are at least three. Is there something in the water at Seattle Grace?

Melissa George: I'm not sure. Maybe they're not getting the right victims coming through the door so they're bored. [Laughs] Bisexuality exists. It's common. I guess they're experimenting.

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