Randy Spelling Says Father Would Approve of 90210

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Most actors associated with Beverly Hills 90210 have expressed positive sentiments regarding The CW remake.

But now Randy Spelling is speaking out on behalf of the most important voice of all: his late father, show creator Aaron Spelling.

Spelling said his dad might "think the show is a little bit risqué, especially considering the nature of the original... [bu] now that it's almost 2009, you have to move the show in a direction that's more forward. I think if my dad saw the new show he would be happy," the actor told E! Online.

Randy, of course, played one of Steve Sanders' step-brothers on the original series. If he a fan of 90210?

"I've watched the first couple of episodes, and I think it's really entertaining. It was a trip for me to see kind of the same music and the same characters. And I gotta tell you, it's easy to get sucked back into it. And I really like Rob Estes, and of course Jennie [Garth] and Shannen [Doherty]."

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