Robert Buckley Tricks His Mom

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When it comes to getting his mom to watch his sexy love scenes on Lipstick Jungle, the gorgeous Robert Buckley pranks his mom.  According to this hunk, "I'll usually trick her and I'll be like, 'Oh I have a really amazing dramatic scene, be sure to watch tonight."

Too funny.  He continued to tell OK Magazine, "So she'll watch it and tell all the family, and it will actually be a love scene. She'll call that night and be like, 'You're an idiot. That isn't funny that your 80 year-old aunt watched it."

Robert Buckley in a Shirt

How cute and funny is that?  Also, the magazine asked him about what he looks for in a girl.  Well he looks for "a demented sense of humor."  Robert also went on to describe his perfect date:

It would involve lots of eating really good food but the kind of food that you can keep eating so much that you never get full," Robert says. "Then we would just laugh and have a great conversation. At the end of it she would be like, 'You're the most amazing man I've ever talked to in my life.' And I'd be like, 'I know.'

Wow.  How jealous are you girls?

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