Travis Stork Dating Carrie Underwood?!

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Travis Stork failed to find love as the star of ABC's The Bachelor. He dumped winner Sarah Stone so fast it was like they were never even together.

Seriously. We think it was over by the time the finale of that season aired. He made Matt Grant's courtship with Shayne Lamas seem never-ending.

Well, maybe Stork had his sights set on another reality TV cutie.

If so, he gets props from us. And our intense hatred. Carrie Underwood is ours! All ours! Okay, we will now put our jealousy aside and move on.

Travis Stork Picture
Carrie Underwood Picture

Witnesses spotted Travis Stork backstage at a Carrie Underwood concert in Nashville. When asked if he was dating her, Travis smiled broadly.

Travis Stork? Really, Carrie? No offense, but you can do better. Anyway, we're happy for this crazy, unexpected, gorgeous reality TV couple.

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