Ugly Betty Recap: "Filing for the Enemy"

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Last night's episode of Ugly Betty entitled "Filing for the Enemy" was even better than the season premiere.  Some quick highlights from last night:

  • Betty went back to Mode to work for Wilhelmina
  • After low sales number, Wilhelmina lost her job back to Daniel
  • Pregnant Catherine was pushed down the stairs... did she lost Wilhelmina's baby?
  • Hilda got stood up by the "coach"
Betty and Daniel Cheers

You can read the rest in our incredibly detailed recap of "Filing for the Enemy."

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Ugly Betty Quotes

Betty: You sabotaged me
Kimmie: It's not my fault you don't have the face nor pores for television

Amanda: Ground rules: Stop with the chatty, don't stand so close to me, and no one eats the grilled cheese
Betty: She's eating one
Marc: Of course fat carol is eating one, what did you expect?