Ugly Betty Season 3 Spoilers

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Industry expert, Michael Ausiello of E! Online, has some juicy Ugly Betty spoilers for us about the rest of season 3.

Last week's "The Manhattan Project," was a great opening, but left us with a lot of questions and luckily Ausiello was able to answer a few.

Will we see Daniel Meade (Eric Mabius) return to his former glory as editor-in-chief of Mode (instead of the joke of a magazine Player)?  Apparently the news is, "I think there’s a really good chance he’ll officially reclaim his perch atop Mode’s masthead by episode 3."  Well then, we don't have very long to wait.

Betty and Daniel

Now what happened to Ugly Betty's famous gay couple, Marc (Michael Uri) and Cliff (David Blue)?  Well, apparently they're still together and "[t]hey have one of those special TV relationships that take place primarily off screen.  But as David Blue (Cliff) told me at Ugly Betty's New York premiere a few weeks back, the MIA couple will get some long overdue face time very soon."

Additionally, creator Silvio Horta plans on developing more of Marc's character and wants to use more Cliff.  Horta said, "We really want to use him and see him with Marc when we devote more than a couple of lines to him in the background.  David Blue is great and I love that character and the writers and the audience love him.  We want to play out that relationship in a real way."

Marc and Amanda with Betty

Finally, Ausiello also mentioned we can expect a major retreat for Mode.  Apparently, he's "getting word that Mode is hosting a company-wide, off-site retreat in November that has 'Emmy bait' written all over it."

We can't wait and we'll have more Ugly Betty for you as it develops!

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