90210 Round Table: "Games People Play"

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Welcome to the 90210 Insiders Round Table!

While fans meet up in our 90210 forum to discuss their favorite characters and developments, our staff members have arrived to analyze the burning questions and memorable moments from the latest episode.

Our topics from the show include Kimberly vs. Kelly, Annie's overreaction and poor karaoke choices ...

Will Ryan end up with Kimberly or Kelly?
BrendaLova: Go with Kim, Ry Guy. No offense to Kelly, but she's never exactly been able to keep a man.

The Real McKay: Kimberly. I'm pretty sure Jennie Garth will cost too much to have as a regular cast member.

Wild4Wilds: Kelly! Ryan is the perfect guy for her. He combines the sweetness of Matt (from Beverly Hills 90210) with the tough attitude of Dylan.

How long before Adrianna and Navid sleep together?
The Real McKay: I think Adrianna has to light some candles, line the bed with rose pedals, and be gentle with Navid. It's his first time! Maybe he's waiting for a special night like prom night to take his tampon out.

Wild4Wilds: Not very long. But the real question is this: Will Navid videotape it?

BrendaLova: A couple weeks. They'll be hanging out at the Navid household one night, the porn music from one of his father's productions will carry throughout the mansion and the mood will strike!
Why did Annie care that Naomi made out with Jason?

Wild4Wilds: Because he has a better six pack than Ethan.

BrendaLova: I don't know. No words from Annie could have strung Naomi more than her simply shaking her head, smiling and walking out of the bedroom. Annie's reaction allowed Naomi to win this battle.

The Real McKay: Because it's her ex and no matter what there's bound to be jealousy. Especially when chins like Jason's are involved!

Less believable: The acting ability of the dude who played Jason, or that Dixon and Silver would sing "When the Saints Come Marching In" for karaoke?
BrendaLova: The karaoke choice. Silver can pen a racy, controversial blog - but the best song she can muster is one taught in kindergarten?

The Real McKay: Definitely Dixon and Silver singing "When the Saints Coming Marching In." I seriously didn't even know that would be a karaoke choice. Tabitha on the other hand? Unbelievable. I think Dixon and Silver could have been better off doing "Afternoon Delight" instead. As for the actor behind Jason, he let his chin do all the talking - and I heard it loud and clear.

Wild4Wilds: Jason's portrayer was a terrible actor, granted. But it's not like 90210 is Brothers & Sisters. We don't expect great performances. That song choice, however? The same episode that featured Kanye West's latest single simply can't have Dixon and Silver belt out a children's hit at a high school party.

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