An Exclusive Interview with Megan

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Viewers that have tuned in for the first two episodes of Stylista so far have been treated to a glimpse inside the fashion world... and inside a brewing feud between Megan and, well, everyone else. Or so it seems.

But - shockingly! - reality television may not always tell the full truth. That's the gist of Megan's side of things.

Yes, we were the first site to speak to the controversial contestant. Here's what she had to say about life in the Stylista spotlight:

Stylista Fanatic: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. Let's start with your portrayal on the show. Do you think it's accurate?
Megan: No. Not at all. The people who know me well, my friends and family, find it hysterical. I mean, is there really such a thing as "reality" TV? In my opinion, no.

Stylista Fanatic: Did you go into the show with a plan to be the villain?
Megan: I don't think anyone wants to be portrayed as a villain to the entire country. I knew what I signed up, but there is a lot of editing involved. Truth is, I'm a kind, compassionate person. I was just in a competitive environment and they chose to show certain sides to me. It's frustrating.

Megan, Stylista

Stylista Fanatic: Do you think it's fair that the fashion industry has a reputation for being mean-spirited? Did the show reflect the true nature of the business?
Megan: Fashion is a business, like any other. People get passionate about the industry, sure, but every industry is cut-throat. At the end of the day, for me at least, it's just a job. I don't eat, sleep and breathe fashion.

Stylista Fanatic: How have things changed for you since the show ended?
Megan: Well, four days after being released to the world again, I was actually misdiagnosed with cancer. I had had a lump in my throat during shooting, so I knew something was wrong. But I had to focus on the show. I'm great now, though.

Stylista Fanatic: Do you think Stylista will stick around for multiple seasons, such as other reality shows in its genre, America's Next Top Model and Project Runway?
Megan: I think it has staying power. It gives a portrayal of the fashion industry that's important to see and understand. I learned an incredible amount on the show. I have a great deal of respect for Anne, Joe and everyone involved.

Stylista Fanatic: Are there any misconceptions about yourself you'd like to clear up?
Megan: It bothered me a lot that they labeled me the "rich bitch." The show edited it to make it seem like I was given a chunk of money, went to open a store and then sold my business because I just got bored.
In reality, it's really hard to start a business from ground up and run it. The most rewarding aspect was building a brand and then I sold it to focus on a new challenge.

Stylista Fanatic: Do you hope the series gives you more of a chance to show who you really are, as well as depict your relationships with other contestants in a better light?
Megan: Yeah. Dyshaun, for example, is hysterical. He's incredibly talented. Everyone on the show it. I hope there's more character development as the weeks go on.
These are all truly talented people and we went through an experience together that no one else can relate to. I wish everyone the best. I really like Ashlie and Kate. We dont have the ill feelings for each other the show has portrayed so far. We really don't.

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