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Thanks to the wonders of Twitter, TV Addict was lucky enough to arrange an online interview with David Blue, the man who plays Cliff, Marc's boyfriend and possible fiance!  Just what did this cute, friendly actor have to say?

According to IMDB, of your earliest acting credits was as a “Beefy Resident” on Veronica Mars. How does one get in character to play a “Beefy Resident?”
David Blue: Yeah, gotta love the title of that role, huh? What’s funny, is at the time, I considered it a compliment because I was working out so much. Now that I’ve gained a bit of weight for Betty, looking back at the title “Beefy Resident” just adds to the fatty-factor. “Veronica Mars” was such a well-oiled machine.  Regardless of it being shot in San Diego, by the time I got to set they were ready to get me into wardrobe and rehearse the scene. I actually only had time to scarf down a quick meal before I was rushed to set to shoot. The whole process only took an hour-and-a-half, which is pretty much unheard of on-set anywhere else. Maybe I was able to get into the role so well because I was starving from not getting to eat much?! Ha! I WAS kind of bummed though, because I’ve always been a huge Kristen Bell fan, and since they were so well organized at the set, she was getting ready for her scenes while I was shooting mine. I ended up just missing her and never meeting her that day, and was quite disappointed. Luckily, I got to meet her quickly at a benefit we did this year together for the Alzheimer’s Association where we were both singing and dancing. Still, I’d love to sit down and chat with her one of these days for a full conversation!

Marc and Cliff

What do you think of in order to keep from cracking up when filming scenes with Ugly Betty’s Becki Newton and Michael Urie — aka Marc and Amanda?
Who says we don’t crack up?! The “Ugly Betty” set has so many wonderful people on it that it’s like summer camp just to be working there. There’s always somebody to talk to and joke with. I find that Michael and I usually just talk about life, career, etc. as we work together. Since Michael and I keep in contact in real life, when it comes time to work the conversation just steers itself to regular stuff. I will admit that last seasons’ ‘A Nice Day For a Posh Wedding’ episode was a tough one. Sitting in the pews of the church next to Michael as Becki was singing “My MIlkshake” was extremely hilarious. What you ended up seeing on-camera could barely capture it. I was stifling a giggle through most of the scene! By the time we got to that one, most of Cliff’s scenes had already been shot, so I pretty much sat there off to the side laughing my butt off. It’s kind of ridiculous how well Becki and Michael work together, and how easy their shorthand has become. What most people don’t know is how funny everyone is. America has a great sense of humor, Ana has the best smile in the world, Tony is so genuinely warm… man, I might sound mushy but keep in mind, it’s all TRUE!

You can read the rest of the interview at TV Addict.

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