Montel Williams to Return to Guiding Light

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Look for Montel Williams to return to Guiding Light in the role of Clayton Boudreau this week. He'll take part in the Boudreau family Thanksgiving. Expect several uncomfortable moments for the youngest Boudreau, Remy (Lawrence Saint-Victor) throughout the episode.

"At this dinner, you get to see what it is like for the black sheep to be around all these people," Saint-Victor said of the story line. "You've seen him with his mom, you've seen him with his dad, but you haven't seen him with everybody, and (it shows) how different he is."

It doesn't help that Remy recently got married without informing his family (not that he had planned to get drunk and wake up the next morning married to Christina, of course). Remy's bride adds to his difficulties when she turns up as an uninvited guest during the meal.

"The wedding is a big to-do at Thanksgiving, and Remy doesn't want the pressure," Saint-Victor said. "He is just trying to keep it together under duress."

We're excited to see how that turns out.

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