Pictures From "O Brother, Where Bart Thou!"

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Below are some promotional photos from "O Brother, Where Bart Thou!"

This is the December 8 episode of Gossip Girl. There is no episode this evening, sadly, and "It's a Wonderful Lie" airs December 1. So we're fast forwarding two episodes with these (and we already posted some funeral pics from the set last month).

Follow this link for pictures from "It's a Wonderful Lie." Then click to enlarge any of the photos from "O Brother, Where Bart Thou!" below and tell us what you think!

If the photos and episode title weren't enough of a hint, all the Gossip Girl spoilers we've read seem to suggest this is the episode where Bart Bass meets his demise ...

Aaron Rose, Serena van der Woodsen
Blair in Black
Striped Jenny
Aaron Rose Photo
More Jenny
S Looking Like S Does
D and J
There She Is
J and D
A Sad Day
C and B
Aaron and Serena
Dan and Chuck
Chuck Lashes Out
Chuck, Blair and Nate
The Cast at the Funeral
Chuck and Blair at the Funeral

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