"Sisterhood of the Traveling Prada" Recap and Quotes

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Unlike NBC, we're not willing to go down without a fight!  We've decided to keep on updating Fanatic until Lipstick Jungle is officially off the air.  In last night's episode, "Sisterhood of the Traveling Prada," Wendy and Nico took Victory on a spa retreat to help her recover from her post knowledge of Joe's proposal intentions.

Kirby and Nico Have a Picnic

However, when the girls arrive at a B&B where the only drinks at the bar are juice and there's no cell phone reception, the trip doesn't exaclty go as planned.  You can read our full "Sisterhood of the Traveling Prada" recap now.  Here's a sampling of some of our favorite quotes from the episode:

Victory: I don't deserve to be pampered, I need to be horse whipped
Nico: That might cost extra
Wendy: I'll cover the tip | permalink
Victory: Umm is that the bar?
B&B Owner: Yes it is and it's all inclusive so whatever you want
Victory: Oh, you may regret that you just said that | permalink
Victory: Define appetite in this part of the world, I'm starving ... I've heard of baby vegetables, but those were embryos | permalink
Wendy [over a glass of scotch]: Well ladies I do think it's time to retox | permalink
Victory and Her Masseur

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Lipstick Jungle Quotes

I can't think less of you. You've smelled like mop & glow for the last week.

Victory [to Roy]

Wendy: Sounds like someone is driving without breaks.
Victory [whispers]: Gun it.