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Last week, we published an interview in which Heroes creator Tim Kring came across as rather bitter about the current state of television. He even manged to insult those that watch his show at its regularly-scheduled time.

To his credit, Kring has issued a statement apologizing for the remarks:

I need to strongly apologize for the slightly mangled quote of mine that is making it's way around the internet.  It was made while trying to explain the rise in DVR and online audience for the show.

 I was making the point that these platforms now offer a superior way to watch the show (without commercials, with extra content, commentary, at the audience's convenience, etc.)  And went on to say how it's getting to the point where "watching the show on the air is relegated to the poor saps and dip****s who can't figure out how to program their DVR's".  (Or something close to that)  

It was a boneheaded attempt at being "cute" and making a point.  

Instead, it turned out to be just plain insulting and stupid.  I know now how it sounded, but I truly never meant to suggest anything negative about our audience.  No one cares more about the fans than we do at Heroes, and no one appreciates them more than me.   We are grateful for whatever way people are finding our show.  Now more than ever.

I want to take this opportunity to say that I'm very sorry for this careless, lame remark.  The best way to make it up to you is to live up to my promise that the upcoming episodes of the show are fantastic.  

I think you'll agree we're really on a roll and we couldn't be more excited about the last four episodes of "Villains" and the upcoming volume, "Fugitives", which we feel will be a huge hit with the audience.

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