Ugly Betty Spoilers: Three Hookups!

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Wow have we got some juicy Ugly Betty spoilers for you about Thursday's episode, "Crush'd."  Apparently we can expect three hookups this week and they may not be what you expect.  Here's the skinny:

  • Someone who's very much not Betty will make out with Jesse (Val Emmich)
  • Wilhelmina will kiss Connor (Grant Bowler)!
  • Marc will cheat on Cliff... but it will lead to a marriage proposal  We're confused, but we'll end with a picture of the happy couple from season 2:
Marc and Cliff

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Ugly Betty Quotes

Marc: Amanda, are you trying to sabotage young Ryan?
Amanda: Yes I hate him. Mark, you can't just replace yourself with another gay guy
Ryan: I'm not gay.
Amanda: Yeah, right you're in a long distance relationship with a lovely heavy woman

Betty: I'm not gonna let you turn my apartment to in a sex den..
Hilda: It's not about sex, it's about love
Betty: Fine, some love den..
Hilda: If it was just that we could do it in the backseat of his car