A Series of Heroes Complaints

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Thank you to everyone that posted a response to this week's critical take on Heroes.

We wish the article never had to be written, but it's nice to see that so many of us at least share similar complaints regarding the utter lack in logic for most of the show's current episodes.

With that in mind, we've made a list - and checked in twice, in order to see who's been naughty (Tim Kring) and who's been nice - that compiles reader responses to the show, along with a few specific complaints our staff had over the latest episode.

Feel free to agree or disagree with the following issues (we always welcome feedback/comments), but here are a few complaints Heroes fans have over the state of story lines:

  • As described in the aforementioned article from earlier this week: Why the inconsistency between episodes? Two weeks ago, HRG had Elle/Sylar in his sights to end "The Eclipse Part 1." A week later, he waits to fire until after they've had sex? Just lazy writing.
  • What happened to Mohinder's dangerous aggression? Didn't he murder some random guy in the park a few weeks ago? Now, the only consequence of his abilities is bad skin.
  • How in the world did Parkman know where to find Ando/Hiro? They teleported themselves to that comic book store a couple weeks back, right? Then, this past Monday, Parkman just walked in after leaving Daphne's farm house.
Seeking Revenge

Wait, am I good or evil in this scene?

  • The volume is titled "Villains." But, ummm, who are the villains? Flint and Knox? We've barely met them. Sylar? He changes every week (see following bullet point). The series had a nice set up going, with the idea of Team Primatech vs. Team Pinehearst. But it's not clear who is even on the latter team, nor is it even clear what its specific, supposedly evil plan is.
  • And, by far the biggest complaint from readers and from our staff: the constant, changing state of Sylar. He's been HRG's partner, Peter's friend, Elle's lover and then Elle's killer so far this season. He also seems to believe anything people tell him. I'm your son, Angela? Cool! Oh, my mom hated me? Thanks, Arthur! Wait, they are not my parents? Interesting, HRG!
Seriously, did it make any sense to viewers that Sylar killed Elle? Was he mad at her for helping to make him a monster (something HRG uttered while on the verge of death; we may know it to be true, but Sylar instantly believes his arch nemesis so quickly, and to the point that he simply murders Elle as a result?!?)?

It's almost impossible to keep track of, but remember when Elle encouraged Sylar to kill that rental car employee? Wasn't she actually the one who wanted his truly evil, monstrous side to come out? So... now that it has, why would he kill Elle? The "hunger" he talked so much about was based on taking the abilities of others... but he already has Elle's abilities!

Ok, we must stop. Our head hurts. Remember: we love Heroes. But not in its current state. We pray that Volume Four of the series resembles season one.

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