Gossip Girl Fashion Breakdown: It's a Wonderful Lie

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This week's episode, "It's a Wonderful Lie," featured some outrageous and gorgeous Gossip Girl fashion - both before and after the Snowflake Ball.

Below, our Gossip Girl fashion contributor, the fabulous Liza L., breaks down the episode, telling us where we can get some of its amazing looks ...


The pre-party stretch of "It's a Wonderful Lie" was not only very intriguing (but not as mysterious and dark as the ending) but slightly chaotic.

Blair Waldorf wore a beautiful Alice & Olivia Jabot Dress with Yellow Horseshoe belt ($385, here) with Marc by Marc Jacobs Kitten Heel Patent Pump in Acid (here) and a Rachel Leigh Audrey Enamel Bangle ($61, here).

For her part, Serena paraded a number of gorgeous outfits while preparing for the ball, among which was a combination of a Marc by Marc Jacobs Etta Sweater ($348.60, here) and a Mulberry Mirror Metallic Bayswater Tote ($1,395, here).


The outfit that Serena chose for her awkward double date with Aaron, Dan and Lexi was accompanied by her favorite Celine Watch Me Work bag ($2,100, here) and a Diane von Furstenberg Wexford print top (here). On the same double date, Lexi was wearing a What Comes Around Goes Around Tobacco Garbo Jacket ($346, here).

Much more Gossip Girl fashion analysis after the jump ...

The Ball featured a mini collection of Jenny Humphrey (Eric Daman’s) creations - he should be persuaded to launch a proper line!

Minions are an elite squad, and each group like that has their own signature move or other specific feature. Blair’s minions - Penelope, Hazel and Isabel - have one as well. They all wore a headband from  Stacey Lapidus:

  • 1" Silk & 3-Row Crystal Headband ($120, here)
  • Double Braided Silk Headband w/Crystals ($200, here)
Bass and Waldorf
Serena at the Snowflake Ball

Blair, on the other hand, did not wear a headband, but her Beamon necklace for $30,000 (from Season 1), a Carolina Herrera dress from Fall-Winter 2008 collection and a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Black Satin Jeweled T-Strap Sandals ($636, here).

Serena looked gorgeous is a Bill Blass dress from Spring 2007 collection and a pair of Yves Saint Laurent Slingbacks from the Marissa Collection (here).

Lily wore a slightly ambiguous dress (especially for those Gossip Girl spoiler predictors) from Vera Wang Bridal Collection 2009.

Abrams Style
Just Jenny

Vanessa looked practically perfect in a dress by Eric Daman (aka Jenny’s design), accessorized with a Ted Rossi Python and Swarovski grid clutch ($788, here).

Finally, Little Jenny Humphrey also wore a dress by Eric Daman (it is "her own" design after all): Ana Sui cape, La Crasia leather scoop with rhinestone ($120, here) and Hue Zigzag Openwork Tights ($18, here).

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