"Indecent Exposure" Recap and Pics

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Wow, how good was Friday's episode, "Indecent Exposure?"  I have to admit, it started off angering me with Shane's latest arc and Nico getting close with Griffin, but OMG, when Joe returned, this easily became one of my favorite episodes.

Joe Kisses Victory

Did you miss this amazing episode?  If so, you can read my "Indecent Exposure" recap and catch up on what happened to our ladies.  Here's some pics from the episode:

Kirby Encourages Victory
Victory Takes a Shot
Roy Walks in on Victory
Victory Laughs at the Shoot
Joe Enjoys his Martini
Victory Smiles as Breakfast
The Girls Out on a Walk
Victory Makes a Martini
Joe and Victory at Breakfast

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Lipstick Jungle Quotes

I can't think less of you. You've smelled like mop & glow for the last week.

Victory [to Roy]

Wendy: Sounds like someone is driving without breaks.
Victory [whispers]: Gun it.