Lost Spoilers from the Set

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Wow are we jealous!  When visiting fans, Grant and his wife, found themselves at Camp Erdman (aka Othersville) while the crew was filming, they unearthed some pretty awesome Lost spoilers for us!  Thanks to the Hawaii Blog, we have a pretty detailed account:

  • There were six main characters present: Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Sawyer, and Jin.  What?  Jin??
  • Sayid was wearing civilian clothes, Kate wore a dark blue jump suit, and the rest of the crew were all wearing DHARMA's familiar tan jump suits
  • There were over a dozen other actors, including children, in the DHARMA tan jumpsuits, skirts and shorts
  • There were four DHARMA Volkswagen vans, one jeep, and a few blue bicycles

Here a shot of the crew having lunch from his trip:

Lost Crew at Lunch

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