Meet the Cast of The Real World: Brooklyn

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The Real World: Brooklyn will premiere in early 2009.

Who will stop being polite and start getting supposedly real? Here's a look at a few house members:

  • Katelynn: a transgendered female.
  • J.D.: the token gay man in the house. 
  • Chet: a 23-year old Mormon; claims his goal is to “show people that Mormons are fun.”
  • Scott: 23, has been to the gym every day since age 14.
  • Devyn: 20, is the sole black cast member; was crowned Miss American Teen.
  • Ryan: 23, served in the Army for three and a half years years, including a one-year tour of Iraq.
  • Baya: 21, a dedicated dancer and the obligatory cute white female.
  • Sarah: 22, from San Francisco; has a tattooed arm.

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