A Look Ahead at The United States of Tara

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The United States of Tara premieres this Sunday on Showtime.

On the pilot, Tara Gregson attempts to live a normal life with her family while suffering from multiple personality disorder.

Sound intriguing? Then take a look at brief summaries for upcoming episodes of the series, which stars Toni Collette:

Episode 1.02 - Aftermath
When Tara feels that she is failing her children, she turns to her perfect homemaker personality for help.
Airs: January 25

Episode 1.03 - Work
A date night with Max turns into a male-bonding session; Charmaine recommends Tara for a large mural project.
Airs: February 1

The United States of Tara Poster

Episode 1.04 - Inspiration
Tara feels better as her mural progresses and she makes a new friend; Tiffany's curiosity leads to a setback.
Airs: February 8

Episode 1.05 - Revolution
Max and Charmaine pursue T when she steals Tara's car; Marshall throws a house party to get closer to his crush.
Airs: February 15

Episode 1.06 - Transition
Tara and Charmaine's parents visit for a birthday, but have a secret agenda.
Airs: February 22

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