A Preview of Damages Season Two

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Damages season two premieres on Wednesday.

As previewed by USA Today, viewers will witness Patty take on a new case this year, one that involves Daniel Purcell (William Hurt). He's a researcher for an energy company that shares a past with Patty.

The case won't exactly be a proverbial walk in the park for Patty, of course, as goes up against Purcell's attorney (Marcia Gay Harden), described by actress Rose Byrne as "the antithesis of Patty," all "soft-spoken and minxy."

But what about Hewes herself? Has really changed?

"I think she's more self-aware in a weird way," said star Glenn Close. "She seemed so driven the first season, she was so thrown by what happened. She has been tempered in a way. She is a little bit more vulnerable."

Ellen and Patty

Especially because Parsons is assisting FBI agents in their mission to nab Patty.

"Patty is much softer this season and less ruthless," Byrne told the newspaper. "Ellen has become a bit of a warrior. They're on a much more even playing field."

Producer Todd A. Kessle chimed in on the new twists in Damages:

"The major theme of the second season is the complete exploration of Patty Hewes almost from 360 degrees. We're expanding our understanding of Patty by getting into her personal life: her relationship with her son, Michael; her husband; Uncle Pete in her office; her past with Purcell; and primarily her relationship with Ellen."

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