Lisa Edelstein Teases Upcoming House Storylines

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What coming up on House?

Lisa Edelstein recently spoke on a couple of storylines facing her character of Cuddy. Here's her taken on motherhood and hot doctor sex:

On motherhood storyline:
"[Cuddy] is not the mother she thought she would be. She doesn’t know how to do her job, be a mother and take care of House all at the same time. She thinks she has to give something up, but she doesn’t know what that will be. It could be any one of those things. Or none of them. She really doesn’t know. She wanted [a child] for so long, but in [this week's] episode, the reality of what mommyhood really is hits her. She’s unprepared."

On future of Huddy (including confirmed bedroom behavior): "I don’t think you’re going to see two people skipping away into the sunset. It wouldn’t be interesting. It’s David Shore writing this story. David Shore doesn’t want anyone to be happy, apparently."

Cuddy and Daughter

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