Lori Loughlin Craves Conflict for Character

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Lori Loughlin appears to be satisfied with her role on 90210. But the former Full House star says the show is still "finding itself."

"We're going through transitions - with writers and storylines - but we're getting there. It's simply indicative of a first-year show," the actress told The New York Post this week.

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Loughlin would like to see her character of Debbie Wilson used as more than just a sounding board for kids Annie and Dixon.

"I'd hate to think this is it for her," Loughlin said of Debbie's lackluster arc so far. "I'd love to see more conflict in her life, I'd love to see her and Harry come against obstacles that real couples deal with - the days when the bloom is off the rose."

Do you agree? Do you think Debbie and Harry should be more involved on 90210?

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