Lost Recap: "Jughead"

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After a good-but-not-great premiere last week, last night's episode was vintage Lost, as the Lost spoilers indicated it would be. It was a thrill ride from beginning to end.

Off the island, Desmond's search for Faraday's mother turned up some interesting information about Faraday's past. As for Daniel himself, he found himself trying to disarm an H-bomb on the island, circa 1954, while Locke sought more answers from ageless Richard.

Oh, and Charles Widmore's past connection to the island is finally hinted at, if not wholly revealed. And they traveled through time again. It was an eventful hour of TV.

Get the full Lost rundown in our recap of "Jughead" ...


OTHERS IN 1954: Richard and "Jones" argue in "Jughead."

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