Lost Spoilers: Guess the Oceanic Sixer

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Recently Kristin Dos Santos of E! Online posted a game "Guess the Oceanic Sixer" where she revealed five things happening and you had to guess to who.  She recently posted the answers and we got these great Lost spoilers for you:

  • Which one is wrongfully imprisoned?  It looks like Sun needs to watch out for Charles Widmore!
  • Which one's long-dead lover says hi? Hurley gets a message from Libby via Ana Lucia
  • Which one gets a major guilt trip for someones death? Kate gets guilted by Sun for no searching for Jin on the freighter
  • Which one strangles another? Sayid strangles Jack!
  • Which one saves another's life? Jack revives Sayid after he enters a dart-induced coma
Naveen Andrews as Sayid

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