Lost Spoilers: Season Five Tidbits

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Lost's fifth season is about to kick off tomorrow night with "Because You Left" and we have some small tidbits for you about the upcoming season courtesy of the TCA Winter Press Tour last week.  The executive producers and some of the actors took the stage and TV Guide was there to report some Lost goodies for you.

Season Five is Sawyer's Season
Last season Sawyer didn't necessarily get the screen time he deserved, but according to Cuse this season "Sawyer has a lot to do."  Lindelof adds, "Josh has been doing amazing work this year."

We'll See More Jin
According to Cuse, "You'll definitely see Jin this season.  [Daniel Dae Kim] is a series regular."  Though they're definitely "not saying he's currently alive, but..."

How about Michael?
The actor behind Walt's dad, Harold Perrineau will be busy starring on ABC's The Unusuals so don't expect to see as much of him.  Though the actor does say, "I'm working for the same network so anything can happen.  You never know what Carlton and Damon are going to do."

Harold Perrineau as Michael Dawson

You can read more about Lost from the press tour at TV Guide.

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