Privileged Recap: "All About the Big Picture"

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On last night's episoe of Privileged, Megan finally got to meet Will's parents, but had a whole lot of drama to bring with her along the way.  The girls, meanwhile, just wanted to spend some time with their men but were caught with their publicity parties. 

Even Marco got his own storyline as he went to Laurel for an investment in his new restaurant.  Catch up on the full episode of "All About the Big Picture" in our recap.  Here's a sample of some of the pictures and quotes from the episode:

Megan Talks the Girls
Megan: Sage, when I was your age, my biggest concern was trying to get Ethan Hawke to marry me. The Realty Bites Ethan Hawke, not the "I left my wife for my nanny and haven't showered in ten days" Ethan Hawke | permalink
Will: I'm sorry I told you to ditch your family. The woman I fell in love with could never give up on anybody
Megan: did you just..?
Will: That's right, I love you Megan Smith. Deal with that
Megan: I love you too | permalink
Zach: I don't know how you girls can walk so fast in those heels
Girls' Friend: Rose can each you, she's your size | permalink
Sage and Pete Wentz
Rose Dressed Up

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Privileged Quotes

Boss [about Megan's hair]: It's just so bright
Megan: Everyone loves Lucille Ball but no one does anything about it.
Boss: This isn't about the hair, though it is really distracting...

Hey lady, i can see your va-jay-jay!

Random kid