Rose Byrne Previews Season Two of Damages

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The New Ellen

Viewers tuning in to tonight's second season premiere of Damages will see a darker, more confident side to Ellen Parsons.

Who better to ask about this transformation than actress Rose Byrne? She recently spoke with TV Guide: How dark a place is Ellen at these days?
Byrne: Oh she's in the depths of grief and trauma and rage and revenge. Is there any reason why Ellen might not follow through with the FBI's sting? Does she have any empathy for Patty?
Byrne: No. The only question is, Who does she trust? I don't even think she trusts the FBI. She just wants to get done what she needs to get done. Do you think that when Ellen eventually tracks down and comes face-to-face with Frobisher, she might bail on her revenge plan?
Byrne: It's interesting, I was talking to a trauma counselor about what happens if an avenger does actually meet [his target]. What usually happens is the person has kind of a meltdown, and they don't go through with any of their revenge plans. They see how weak and vulnerable and pathetic these people usually are. It's almost pity when [Ellen] finds this forlorn and hopeless man sitting there. But then she regrets [what she does next].

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