Samantha Who? Jason Mesnick Owns Monday Night

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Thanks to the broad appeal of a certain handsome single dad from Seattle, you won't be seeing a certain, amnesia-suffering single woman on ABC for a while longer.

The network has decided to keep airing two-hour episodes of The Bachelor for the rest of its run this winter, thanks to fairly decent ratings for this, the 13th season.

That means that Samantha Who? is, for, the moment homeless.

Fans of the Christina Applegate dramedy aren't going to be pleased about this Samantha Who? spoiler, but the network says an announcement about the show - which was due to return next week until this development - will come in the next few days.

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ABC's decision is purely a ratings-driven one, thanks in large part to The Bachelor star Jason Mesnick. The single father, who was the final rejected suitor by DeAnna Pappas on The Bachelorette last summer, was highly touted, and it's paying off.

The audience has grown in each of the past three weeks, starting with 8.7 million viewers for the premiere, improving to 9.06 million the following week and hitting 9.9 million this past Monday (January 19) while winning all key female demographics.

The numbers are even more impressive considering the stiff competition the show faced this week, with Gossip Girl, House, 24, How I Met Your Mother and more.

As a comparison, the most recent edition of The Bachelor, starring Londoner Matt Grant, and The Bachelorette, starring DeAnna Pappas (who had just been rejected by former Bachelor Brad Womack) both averaged about 7.9 million viewers. Way to go, J-Mes!

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