Supernatural Clips: "Family Remains"

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We have four preview clips from next week's early highly anticipated return of Supernatural with the episode, "Family Remains."  In this upcoming episode, Dean and Sam go to a farm house to investigate who or what is haunting the walls. 

The following clips definitely reveal this is going to be an intense, scary episode!  Watch below.

[video url="/videos/family-remains-clip-1/" title="Family Remains Clip 1"] [/video]

The next three Supernatural clips are after the jump.

[video url="/videos/family-remains-clip-2/" title="Family Remains Clip 2"] [/video]

[video url="/videos/family-remains-clip-3/" title="Family Remains Clip 3"] [/video]

[video url="/videos/family-remains-clip-4/" title="Family Remains Clip 4"] [/video]

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Supernatural Quotes

Dean: Where am I going?
Sam: Dean, it's Valentine Day. Your favorite holiday, remember? I mean, what do you always call it - uh, Unattached Drifter Christmas?

You betrayed me? No one in the history of torture's been tortured with torture like the torture you'll be tortured with.