The Office Spoilers: Disgruntled Stanley to Shine in "Stress Relief"

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Will the hour-long, post-Super Bowl episode of The Office, "Stress Relief," possibly live up to the ridiculous amount of hype it's been receiving for weeks now?

Filling that coveted spot, and sustaining laughs for a full hour, are always a challenge for any show, so even The Office has its work cut out for it Sunday.

The fact that contains a story line involving Stanley Hudson should help, though.


Paul Lieberstein, who plays Toby, and who wrote "Stress Relief," has given disgruntled Stanley at least a couple of lines that the critics say will live in Office quotes infamy - and that's going up against five seasons of memorable lines, people.

Switching gears, if you've ever wondered what the actor who plays Stanley in real life - Leslie David Baker - is like, follow the jump for an interview of his with Hollywood Press TV!

[video url="/videos/leslie-david-baker-interview-part-i/" title="Leslie David Baker Interview, Part I"] [/video]

[video url="/videos/leslie-david-baker-interview-part-ii/" title="Leslie David Baker Interview, Part II"] [/video]

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