Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Cristina-Owen, Mer-Der, Izzie's Condition, T.R. Knight, and More Girl-on-Girl Action

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Dying for Grey's Anatomy spoilers as the week gets underway? You're in luck. Michael Ausiello of EW has just devoted an entire Q&A session to the show!

Below, he discusses Izzie's health, Owen and Cristina, Derek's proposal (or non-proposal), and whether we'll actually see George O'Malley this week ...

Q: How and when is Izzie's "condition" on Grey's Anatomy going to be revealed?

A: Officially, the dead-guy-sexing resident won't be diagnosed for a few more weeks. Unofficially, however, we will get our first clue into what's ailing her at the end of Thursday's episode. There's another twist, yes, but luckily, it's one only an idiot wouldn't see coming. Here's a hint just for those special folks: Izzie isn't anemic.

Pink Izzie

Q: Is Dr. Bailey going to take over as the head cardio surgeon?

A: While I can't confirm that, I can confirm that she receives some potentially career-altering news.

Q: Do you have any Grey's Anatomy scoop?

A: Thursday's episode, "Beat Your Heart Out," features one of the funniest, all-female group hugs in the show's history. Also, there's a bawdy cafeteria scene that is so quintessentially Grey's Anatomy that it reminded me how much I miss the good, ol' days of the show. Oh, and did I mention the girl-on-girl action? 'Cause there is some!

Q: Anything new on Cristina and Owen?

A: Lots of cheesy, slow-mo, piano-scored interludes will give way to an emotional collapse that is either extremely moving or ridiculously over the top. I haven't made up my mind yet.

Q: Can you help a girl out and give us anything on Cristina and Hunt?

A: This may or may not shed light on the above Grey's Anatomy spoilers, but this week marks the arrival of Laura Allen (Dirt) as a woman from Owen's past.

Q: My wife made me watch all five seasons of Grey's Anatomy, and I have to say I enjoyed every bit of it. My question is: Do you have an update on T.R. Knight? Is he leaving?

A: Nothing official's been decided, but I suspect Thursday's episode may have been the straw that broke the underused actor's back: George is literally on screen for about 10 seconds.

Q: Any Mer-Der news you can share?

A: By the end of this week's episode, I'm pretty sure everyone at Seattle Grace Hospital (patients included) will have seen the ring ... except poor Meredith.

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