How I Met Your Mother Spoilers: "The Employee Transition Room"

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We have the scoop on a distant episode of How I Met Your Mother, "The Employee Transition Room" thanks to a casting call that Spoiler TV got its hands on. 

Accoriding to their call, the episode, which will be the 19th episode of the season, is about Marshall and Barney going through an elaborate plant to prevent Ted from finding out that he was fired from designing the new GNB headquarters. 

Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson
Jason Segel as Marshall Eriksen

To pull off the plan, the How I Met Your Mother producers are looking for:

Louisa - A cute Hispanic woman in her 30s who speaks in only broken English.  Lousia is a lunch lady at the cafeteria of GNB and she's recruited to be a member of their fictiious task force.  She'll have two lines and be in three scenes.

Roy - An older man, who although he will first be seen in a business suit, is a janitor at GNB.  He is also recruited by Barney and Marshall to impersonate a member of the ficticious task force.  He'll have one line and be in two scenes.

Dylan - A twenty year old blond guy that is a skateboarder punk who performs tricks and spokes outside the GNB.  Marshall and Barney put him in a dress shirt and tie and put him on the task force

Arthur - A wild-eyed, crazy-haired guy that's stuffed in a sports coat too short for him.  He's actually a one-man-band street musician recruited by Barney and Marshall for the task force.  He'll have one line and be in two scenes.

Maya - An attractive bank employee in her late 20s that works at GNB in the long range planning division.  Maya flirts with Ted on the elevator and let's him know the corporate headquarters was scrapped months ago

Wow.  Sounds like it's going to be a fantastic premise for an episode that will be told in the style that Carter Bays and Craig Thomas do best!

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