Jessica Capshaw Offered Grey's Anatomy Contract

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Better get used to Callizona!

Grey's Anatomy has signed Sara Ramirez's latest guest-starring lesbian crush, Jessica Capshaw, to a contract, sources have confirmed to Entertainment Weekly.

The deal calls for the 32-year-old actress to appear in all remaining episodes of the current fifth season with an option to return as a series regular next fall.

The former Practice star joined Grey's Anatomy last month as Seattle Grace pediatrician Arizona Robbins. While she was initially signed to guest star in only three episodes, the possibility had existed that it could turn into something more permanent.

Dr. Arizona Robbins

Capshaw's promotion should silence critics who sounded the anti-gay alarm after ABC kindly asked Grey's Anatomy executive producer Shonda Rhimes to banish Callie's first girlfriend, the brusque and ballsy Dr. Hahn (played by Brooke Smith), to the parking lot.

"The character was not working for us and the relationship was not working for us," ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson acknowledged last month at press tour.

What do you think of this news? Despite forming one of the best couple names ever in Callizona, are the two clicking romantically? Do you like her?

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