Reaper Spoilers: "Episode IV: A New Hope"

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We recently got our hands on the first two episodes of Reaper's sophomore season and let us tell you, they were fantastic.  The first episode, "Episode IV: A New Hope" met up with our favorite bounty hunters for Hell right after a four week road trip.

So just what happens in the season premiere?  Without giving too much away, Sam is forced to capture twenty lost souls by the Devil.  Sam thinks the Devil, who we now know may be his father, is trying to kill him.  The Devil, meanwhile, says he has plenty of children on Earth and just wants to find one that's not a dud and is testing him.

The Boys Open the Beers

Meanwhile, the always hilarious Sock finds out he now has a step sister, Kristen, who he's a little too attracted to.  Poor Andi never even received a phone call or a letter (thanks to Sock not mailing it) while her boyfriend disappeared for four weeks and is at first unwilling to forgive Sam.

If you want the full on Reaper spoilers for the season two premiere, but sure and read our full "Episode IV: A New Hope" recap.  You've been warned.

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Reaper Quotes

Hey, no shame in community college, K-Fed. I almost went


Sam [about the vessels]: Wait. So, they're not all little vacuums?
DMV Demon: The boss gives you the vessel he thinks you can handle. You must be a real moron