Will Dave Murder Edie on Desperate Housewives?

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While we know that Nicollette will be leaving Desperate Housewives soon, we still have no idea how the show is going to write Edie off just yet.  TV Guide recently asked Neal McDonough who plays her devious husband, Dave, on the show about Nicollette's exit.

So people are dying to know, does Dave murder Edie?  When asked, Neal simply laughed and responded with "Uh ... I am sworn to secrecy."

Dave and Edie

But Neal did at least say that "[Nicolette] is going to have a fantastic sendoff.  We've had a blast, and I'm going to be sadder than anyone to see her go."

Neal did offer up the following when asked how Dave would react if Edie was hypothetically killed, "Dave would be crushed, because Dave really does love Edie. And that's what I love about playing this character. [He] really does love Edie so much, and a piece of him loves Mike as his best friend."

Wow, actually sounds unlikely Dave would kill her.  Neal says that there's "another piece of him that has to slap him out of it every once in a while and say, 'Stay the course. Do your job. You have to finish this."

We'll have more for you on Edie's departure from Desperate Housewives as soon as we get our hands on it!

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