Better Off Ted Recap: "Heroes"

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It looks like Better Off Ted is definitely starting to find its groove.  The second episode of the series is certainly proviving more laugh-out-loud moments and still containing its quick, quirky style.

On last night's episode, Veronica put Ted's team in charge of developing a new food product when their Extra Fun Mac & Cheese was causing blindness. 

Ted Offers Some Meat

Phil and Lem were working on a cow-less meat product made in the lab, but when their troubled friendship gets in the way, Ted has to step in.  Find out how Ted fixed this week's problems in our "Heroes" recap.

Now for the fun part, check out our favorite quotes from the episode:

Narrator: Veridian Dynamics. We're the future of food, developing the next generation of food and food-like products. Tomatoes... the size of this baby, lemon-flavored fish, chicken that lay 16 eggs a day, which is a lot for a chicken, organic vegetables chock-full of antidepressants. At Veridian Dynamics, we can even make radishes so spicy that people can't eat them, but we're not, because people can't eat them. Veridian Dynamics. Food. Yum | permalink
Phil [about the meat blob]: Blobby, like Bobby, only with an l
Lem: Don't name it or you won't want to eat it. Remember Chester the carrot?
Phil: Yeah, I miss him | permalink
Ted: We may have created a monster in the lab
Veronica: It's not a monster, it's a cyborg that can kill without remorse
Ted: I was talking about Phil, what were you talking about?
Veronica: I was also talking about Phil... it's classified... but it's going to be a fantastic new tool if we can get it to tell the difference between soldiers and children | permalink

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Better Off Ted Quotes

Okay, people, we need to turn this simple festive gourd into a killer. I've asked Dr. Bamba to take a look at how Nature does it, because Nature is a fantastic killer of things


Veronica: We want to weaponize a pumpkin.
Ted: Then so do I. Because?
Veronica: There's a country with whom we do business that grows a great deal of pumpkins and would welcome additional uses for them. As well as cheaper ways to kill their enemies.
Ted: Well, finally the pumpkin gets to do something besides Halloween.
Veronica: Pie.
Ted: Halloween and pie