Friday Night Lights Spoilers: What's to Come in Season Four?

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Friday Night Lights is expected to be renewed for a fourth season (and possibly a fifth!) any time now. Assuming the best show you don't watch does come back next fall, what's in store for viewers? E! Online's latest spoiler chat touches on that subject:

Q: Any word on what the potential season four of Friday Night Lights will bring?

A: As a matter of fact, we were just able to get some great insights into next season from some of the amazing Friday Night Lights cast members themselves! Kyle Chandler tells us that his transfer across town may open up some new doors for the people of Dillon.

"Coach Taylor has been moved into the poor part of town, and we have no pool to draw from for a football team. I think it opens up [the show] to be far more representative, having more Hispanics in the show, blacks in the show. And then also just being the underdogs going up against my old school where my wife is still principal," he said.

Coming to Austin?

Any chance Tami Taylor will follow Coach to the wrong side of the tracks? Connie Britton has her theories on that potential story line: "I think it would be interesting if she did, but it may be too difficult to depict in the show. It could also be interesting if I also go over there and we're both struggling at this school that is just falling apart."

Mind you none of this is set in stone, as Connie is quick to point out, "We generally leave that stuff to the writers because their ideas are going to be 10 times better than anything I'd have an idea for!" Well, no arguments there! We just hope we get to watch!

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